The Department of Environment and Science through their Climate Action Plan has committed an additional $4 million to QCoast2100 to continue implementing works and actions recommended in a CHAS. 

This funding round has a focus on delivery of on ground works to mitigate impacts to the community. Applications have now closed.

Program objective

The objective of the program is to assist council’s implementation of coastal hazard adaptation works identified in a CHAS, developed under the QCoast2100 program, with a focus on projects that:

  • demonstrate innovative and cost-effective solutions, including on ground-works 
  • emphasise nature-based solutions or solutions with environmental benefits that enhance or preserve the natural character of the coast.
  • benefit other councils across the State through joint projects, shared learnings, or actions that can inform or provide leading practice examples for other councils
  • leverage QCoast2100 funding through partnerships, joint projects, and high co-contributions.

Eligible councils 

To be eligible to apply, councils must:

  • have developed a CHAS through the QCoast2100 program, which has been endorsed or adopted by the council; or
  • be well advanced in CHAS development and works are needed to address an imminent threat to assets; and
  • provide the minimum funding co-contribution.

Any applications that don’t meet these criteria must be discussed with the Program Manager and approval will be at the discretion of the QCoast2100 Board.

Eligible projects

Projects must: 

  • deliver actions or recommendations in a CHAS, or in the Implementation Plan forming part of a CHAS; or
  • be identified as a critical need in a CHAS under development, works are required to address an imminent threat; and
  • be reasonably expected to gain development approval under relevant legislation, if required, and to meet the performance outcomes in the State Development Assessment Provisions

The maximum grant is nominally set at $500,000 with the final decision on maximum funding at the discretion of the QCoast2100 Board. Please note minimum co-contribution requirements apply. Councils are also encouraged to seek additional funding from third parties to contribute to the project cost. 

Ineligible projects

Works solely for the protection of private property will not be eligible for funding, whether on private land or not. 

Project assessment criteria

The Project Team and the QCoast2100 Board will assess applications against the following assessment criteria. Meeting multiple criteria will be of benefit in project assessment:

   1. Priority rating
       High priority projects

  • Works for direct protection of community (public) assets from coastal hazards
  • Nature based solutions to enhance natural coastal defences, address emerging coastal hazards, or improve resilience (e.g. beach nourishment, dune management, mangrove restoration).

       Low priority projects

  • Projects supporting future on-ground works including detailed investigation of the causes of erosion, management options analysis, design of works and planning tools to mitigate risk
  • Monitoring, data collection or public engagement projects

 2. Progresses actions in a CHAS ‘Recommendation’ or ‘Implementation Plan’
 3. Provides a benefit of asset protection and community safety from coastal hazards
 4. Demonstrate innovative design or new concepts in adaptation
 5. Demonstrates efficiency in the application of QCoast2100 grant funding through, for example, high co-funding contribution, increased
     funding contribution through partnerships or it is demonstrated that early adoption will lead to future cost savings
 6. Optimizes conservation of the coastal environment, for example adopting ‘nature based’ solutions that maintain the natural character
     and processes of the coast, or for hard engineering solutions such as seawalls that provide environmental benefits 
 7. Provides a benefit to other councils in term of shared learnings, demonstration of new or novel approaches and transferrable

Application Process

This is a competitive grant funding program. Applications to apply for project funding have now closed.

Application and assessment process:

 1. Councils invited to submit an application for funding using the application form.
 2. Application reviewed by an assessment panel consisting of the Project Team and an external technical expert against the assessment 
    criteria and a recommendation will be prepared for the QCoast2100 Board. 
 3. QCoast2100 Board provides a funding decision for each application
 4. Council will be advised of the Board decision.

Should additional funding become available, previously unsuccessful applications may be considered or a new round of applications may be open to councils.

The Project Team may seek technical advice from the QCoast2100 expert panel at any phase of the above process.

Project management and reporting

Councils will be required to set milestones and provide progress updates throughout the project.

Progress updates may be based on:

  • milestones included in individual applications; and/or
  • monthly activity

Funding payments will generally be related to delivery of Milestones.

A final report and acquittal will be required by individual project completion dates.

  • Final report will summarise outcomes of the complete project.
  • Final acquittal will summarise administrative / financial details of the project. 

Project key dates

The closing date to submit an application was Friday, 23 June 2023.

This funding program’s completion date is 31 May 2025. All project deliverables must be completed and acquitted by this date. 

Please contact Emma Schofield, Program Manager on 07 3000 2255 or if you would like any further information.