Frequently Asked Questions

  • One, some or all stages of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) and /or pilot projects. The Program does not fund detailed design or capital works. View eligible projects page for more details.

  • Four objectives have been prioritised and are reflected in individual sub-programs, objectives include CHAS Completions, First Nation Coastal Hazard Study, Implementation Guidance and CHAS Implementation.

    View  QCoast2100 2.0 page for more details.

  • A funding allocation of $13.234 million was available. A maximum project value (or sum of all projects undertaken by a single council for the entire Program duration) was capped to approximately $500,000 (excl. GST). The total amount was subject to the QCoast2100 Board’s discretion.

  • A funding amount of $3 million has been committed to QCoast2100 2.0. Any unspent funds from the current program will also be rolled over into the new program.  This covers the four identified funding programs. View QCoast2100 2.0 for more details.

  • Following the official launch of QCoast2100 on 2 June 2016, letters were sent to all eligible councils with an invitation to submit grant funding applications/proposals. The funding was non-competitive The due date for funding applications was 31 October 2018. Applications are now closed.

  • Funding applications are now closed.

  • No. However, councils are required to provide a co-contribution (cash only). The co-contribution value for each council can be obtained from the Program Manager.

  • Please contact the Program Manager at the first instance should you require any technical query/advice. The Program Manager may consult the Expert Panel to resolve any specific technical issue/clarification.

  •  All applications have been assessed on meeting the Funding Application Guidelines and the Minimum Standards & Guidelines.

  • The Program Manager and DES have assessed all applications and provide recommendations to the Program Board.

  • The Program Manager, Emma Schofield is available to address any queries, concerns or clarifications via email at or directly on 0427 660 481. View more details on the Program Flyer.