Frequently Asked Questions

  • One, some or all stages of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) and /or pilot projects. The Program does not fund detailed design or capital works. View eligible projects page for more details.

  • A funding allocation of $13.234 million is available. A maximum project value (or sum of all projects undertaken by a single council for the entire Program duration) is capped to approximately $500,000 (excl. GST). Local governments may be granted more funding subject to their project proposal and the Board’s discretion.

  • Following the official launch of QCoast2100 on 2 June 2016, letters were sent to all eligible councils with an invitation to submit grant funding applications/proposals. The funding is non-competitive and is open for applications for the entire duration of the Program. The due date for funding applications was 31 October 2018. Applications are now closed.

  • Funding applications are now closed.

  • No. However, councils are required to provide a co-contribution (cash only). The co-contribution value for each council can be obtained from the Program Manager.

  • Please contact the Program Manager at the first instance should you require any technical query/advice. The Program Manager may consult the Expert Panel to resolve any specific technical issue/clarification.

  •  All applications have been assessed on meeting the Funding Application Guidelines and the Minimum Standards & Guidelines.

  • The Program Manager and DES have assessed all applications and provide recommendations to the Program Board.

  • The Program Manager, Mat Cork is available to address any queries, concerns or clarifications via email at or directly on 0427 660 481. View more details on the Program Flyer.