Program Purpose

QCoast2100 provides the funding, tools and technical support to enable all Queensland coastal local governments to progress the preparation of plans and strategies to address climate change related coastal hazard risks over the long-term. The QCoast2100 Program facilitated the development of high quality information enabling defensible, timely and effective local adaptation decision-making across key areas of planning and operations such as:

  • Land use planning and development assessment;
  • Infrastructure planning and management including roads, stormwater and foreshores;
  • Asset management and planning including nature conservation, recreation, cultural heritage values and other public amenities;
  • Community planning; and
  • Emergency management.

QCoast2100 is designed to be accessible to coastal local governments irrespective of their current level of planning, capability and resourcing.

Beyond the life of the current funding, the program approach is designed to build knowledge, professional capability and networks between the private, research and State and local government sectors that will continue to deliver on-ground results for Queensland.

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