QCoast2100 2.0

The QCoast2100 2.0 Program is designed to benefit Queensland coastal local governments by expanding on the work completed through the development of their Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies (CHAS) under the original QCoast2100 Program. Completing a CHAS has enabled local governments to improve their understanding of the vulnerabilities and risks to communities, infrastructure, and the environment from current and future coastal hazard risks, and knowledge gained throughout the project is already assisting to inform future statutory planning.

Through the QCoast2100 2.0 Program, local governments will be provided with support and funding to commence actions and on-ground works identified in their CHAS, to further protect their communities. The Program will also assist those councils yet to commence a CHAS or who have not completed a full CHAS.

The Program will consist of four funding programs of work that will deliver a number of objectives.

Qcoast2100 2.0 

  • CHAS Completions – resourcing local government to accelerate completion of their Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies (Active)
  • First Nations Coastal Hazard Study – supporting First Nation councils to understand their community’s exposure to coastal hazards and sea level rise (In progress)
  • Implementation Guidance – development of guidance material to facilitate implementation of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (Under construction)
  • Implementation – supporting implementation of Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies actions through on-ground works and activities. (Active)

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